Windshield coating scares the rain away

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November 7, 2018
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June 19, 2020

Crystaltech Nano – Liquid Glass Windshield Protector

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Price: $29.99 (+$10 flat shipping rate)

Have you ever put that thin sheet of plastic on your smart phone to protect it against chips and water damage? One of the main producers of that technology creates a wipe-on product for your auto windshield that, once applied, leaves that same thin coating but without the plastic underlay.

Yes, there are a few products on the market that offer a windshield treatment to repel water, but many of those need a reapplication every few months. The Crystaltech Nano is said to work for up to a year.

The Crystaltech Nano comes in two pouches per application. The first envelope contains the cleaning solution, while the second has the protectant. Applying the product is a five-minute wipe-on/wipe-off procedure.

A product with no oils or harsh chemicals, its base is silicon dioxide, which means using it is somewhat like applying another layer of glass. The SiO2 nano-particles leave a microscopic layer of protection. It repels oils, water, snow and dust.

When snow piles up and ice forms overnight, windshield-scraping should be less laborious because it won’t stick to the protective film as strongly as it does to glass.

Driving along the TransCanada the other day, we watched the snow and slush rush off like a hairdryer was blasting it away. Wipers were almost unnecessary.

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