CrystalTech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protector REVIEW Protects with minimal intrusion

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October 30, 2018

Phones receive protection from the CrystalTech Nano Screen Protector without losing stunning look.

One of the issues of owning a smartphone besides the cost is the tendency of your screen cracking. Whether it be a simple drop that you have done many times before with no damage (that is the worst), sitting on your phone while it’s in your back pocket, dropping something on it or a plethora of other different scenarios, it always has the same outcome – a screen that starts with a simple crack that leads to the spider web effect and you having cut fingers from the tiny little shards of glass. While there are unlimited amounts of phone cases on the market ranging from very thin to the big and bulky, they don’t always suit our needs in regards to screen protection. I have recently dropped off from using cases. I love my iPhone and part of owning one is the beauty and simplicity that goes into the design. I just love that way that it looks and bigger, bulkier cases limit where I can store them and sometimes cause serious issues that hinder the functionality of the device. I want a screen protector that doesn’t add bulkiness while still showing off the aesthetically pleasing design.

CrystalTech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protector REVIEW Protects with minimal intrusion

This is exactly where CrystalTech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protector comes into play. Unlike most screen protectors on the market, the liquid screen protector curbs an even coat without the worry of the plastic film slowly peeling off or leaving a sticky residue that attracts every particle of dirt it comes into contact with. Not having to worry about bubbling is also very helpful. Like most other screen protectors, the Liquid Screen Protector is water repellent and scratch resistant meaning that the screen of your device will always look like it came right out of the package. It also boasts a 9H hardness (the equivalent to a Sapphire screen) that will protect your screen from most bumps and everyday wear and tear while still looking like your phone is completely stock and unaltered.

Another great benefit of using the CrystalTech screen protector is that it provides antibacterial protection. This is important because your phone comes into contact with dirty things every day. Every time you touch your phone the tiny bacteria transfer from your fingers onto your phone’s surface. It’s a hotbed of activity. CrystalTech Nano provides the only screen protector that provides both antibacterial protection and 9H hardness.

CrystalTech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protector REVIEW Protects with minimal intrusion

The installation of the screen protector is the best part. It’s ridiculously simple with everything you need for installation included in the package. First, clean off your screen with the alcohol wipe to remove all dirt and finger oils present. Then, dry it off with the microfiber cloth to perfect the shine. Finally, use the pretreated swab to wipe the screen in circular motions along the screen. This applies the screen protector to your phone. Wait five minutes after application and then polish the screen with the microfiber cloth again. That’s it! You are free to use your device as usual. It does take a full 48 hours for the protector to fully cure, but you really can’t tell. After doing this minimal amount of work my phone has the protection I wanted while still looking stunning. In fact, you can’t even tell there is anything on the phone.

I’ve not had any issues with the screen protector peeling/wiping off or with any scratches ending up on my screen. CrystalTech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protector is one size fits all. With one package you can cover a smartphone or a full-size tablet.

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