Welcome to the world of Silicon Dioxide – SiO2 – Liquid Glass, nano layering technology. CrystalTech Nano offers some truly stunning characteristics and terrific benefits of nanotechnology in many different applications.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology takes many forms and involves developments in many different areas.  In all instances, though, it’s concerned with the creation of nano layers, nano particles, or nano “devices”.  The word ‘Nano’ comes from the Greek word meaning “dwarf” or small and we now use the term in a scientific sense.  When we are talking of Nano products, or technologies, we’re referring to items or coatings which have dimensions that are measured in billionths of a meter.

Does Liquid Glass Contain Any Potentially Harmful “Nano” Particles?

Absolutely not. Liquid Glass comes from a natural source and it is 100% organic and eco-friendly.

The coating or the “solid content” of the coatings in the liquid will not penetrate the skin. If the coating arrives upon the skin a layer will form but this layer will not bond effectively to the skin because there is a layer of fat on the skin and binding groups are missing (although we recommend wearing gloves when using it, as the ethanol alcohol in our alcohol-based sealants can dry out the hands).

How Big is a Billionth of a Metre or One Nanometre?

A nanometre (nm) is approximately 80,000 times thinner than a human hair. A Liquid Glass coating is approximately 100nm thick (or thin!). This means that they are approximately 12 molecules thick. The coating that you apply to your devices and other items is approximately 500 times thinner than a human hair.

What Exactly Does Liquid Glass Contain?

This truly revolutionary product contains pure, particle free, Silicon Dioxide – SiO2 – which means that it contains “pure glass”. The glass is in a molecular form and is held in a liquid. It doesn’t become “glass” until it’s allowed to dry. Just for the record, the glass that you find in windows is not pure glass!

Does the Coating Change the Appearance or Texture of the Treated Surface?

Liquid Glass is invisible to the naked eye. This means that the coating doesn’t alter the appearance or texture of the treated surface in any way, shape or form in most cases.

How Does the Nano Coating Work and What Are the Benefits?

Liquid Glass Shield is a highly durable, flexible, super smooth, breathable and ‘Super Phobic’ coating.  Being ‘Super Phobic’ means that it repels oil, water, and dry soiling.  Dry dirt will not stick to the treated surface and liquids such as red wine, or coffee, are unable to penetrate the coating on fabrics.  This is because each filament of every fibre is protected with a Nano scale layer of glass.  Most significantly, almost all treated surfaces can be cleaned with water alone.  Solvents and cleaners are, generally, no longer required.  This means that, in most instances, environmentally damaging cleaning chemicals are not needed.