What is Liquid Glass Technology?

Liquid Glass is an exceptional, truly remarkable, multi award winning technology which allows the end user to protect both industrial and domestic surfaces with an ultrathin super durable coating of invisible, easy to clean, glass.

In essence the technology allows the end user to deposit a nano scale layer of molecular, particle free glass (500 times thinner than a human hair), onto the surface of most items. The molecules of glass (silicon dioxide / SiO2) come from pure quartz sand, of which there are vast reserves, as silicon dioxide is one of the most abundant compounds on the planet. Just like domestic glass the coatings are chemically inert and highly resistant to commonly used cleaning chemicals.




● Rain beads and rolls right off
● Reduces wiper friction
● Keeps glass free from stains
● Increases visibility
● Prevents Stains
● Frost and snow will not stick
● Lasts up to 1 year
● Forms an invisible layer of protection


● Repels water
● Reduces wiper friction
● Keeps glass free from stains
● Frost and snow won't stick
● Rain beads and rolls right off!

June 26, 2020

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